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  • Open linear bearing
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  • Open linear bearing

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Open linear bearing
             SAMIKE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (SAMIKE) is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of high-quality transmission components for the machinery industry. SAMIKE offers products for linear motion parts, bearing rotating parts, and related accessories, tens of thousands. A variety of models, with non-standard custom processing capabilities, can achieve one-stop procurement of mechanical parts. The main products include linear bearings, linear guides, ball screws, trapezoidal screws, linear motion module units, roller bearings, joint bearings, etc. SAMIKE has a stable, perfect product standard system and strict quality control standards, and This is based on design processing to ensure that each product meets the quality level that suits the customer's requirements.

Q:Can the UU gasket and the sealing felt be installed on the linear bearing at the same time to prevent dust?
A:can.UU gaskets have been installed in the linear bearings. For the sealing 
felt, a support base is required.                                                                                         
Secure it with a snap ring and install it: see the figure below.
Note: The sealing felt can be mounted to the LM type (from LM6 to LM100).
For other models, only UU gaskets can be used.

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