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The main application of ball screw
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First, for large machining centers, the speed of the machine tool is very fast, so for this kind of comprehensive and relatively fast mechanical equipment, the ball screw used should be the kind of DN value is very high. The ball screw can withstand the huge load.
Second, for ordinary automated machinery, it only needs the ball screw to realize the function of fast handling, so it does not have much load capacity, like ordinary end cap ball screw can meet the requirements of this condition. .
Third, in areas with high processing precision requirements, such as electronic machinery, CNC machinery and precision machine tools, not only have very high machining accuracy, but also have high flexibility requirements, so in this use, only high speed The ball screw can meet the conditions of use.
Fourth, it will also be used in the electronics field. Many electronic robots are used in the electronics field. Some semiconductor machines use ball screws. For this type of machinery, manufacturers have developed a nut-rotating ball. The screw can adjust the ball screw by rotating the nut to meet different precision requirements.