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Improve the manufacturing process of ball screw pair
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The ball screw pair is sensitive to develop high-performance, high-grade products to meet the needs of the domestic industrialization of advanced CNC machine tools. The second is to be sensitive to the level of production skills, starting from the transformation of skills, mass production of goods and production power, shorten the production cycle, on this basis to launch a number of competitive brand-name products. Coordinating these two major questions, the key to the end of industrialization is to increase skills investment and capital investment.

The ball screw pair is used in the development of new products for tumbling parts:
1. Batch production of fine high-speed ball screw pair production skills and equipment
2. High-speed, high-stiffness, low-noise fine-rolling linear guide pair for linear motor
3. Develop high-performance tumble function components for intelligent, composite, and mechatronics according to the needs of the mainframe.
4. High-precision, high-stiffness roller linear guide pair for heavy-duty CNC machine tools
5. Japanese bearing company pays attention to the development and development of production skills and skills.
In terms of the level of craftsmanship:
6. Development of new materials and thermal skills and their equipment to meet standard stability, reliability, formability and production power requirements
7, ball screw fine cold rolling skills and equipment localization, rolling bearings is not a simple mechanical parts in the usual sense of the ball screw below the P3 level to promote cold rolling skills
8. Introduce and digest and absorb the "CNC Fine Whirlwind Hard Milling" skill, equipped with localization to make the P3 class below the cyclone milling method to replace the thread grinding
9. Optimization of ball return equipment and industrialization of one molding production skill
10. Skills related to the accuracy of the running raceway.