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Can the UU gasket and the sealing felt be installed on the linear bearing at the same time to prevent dust?

can.UU gaskets have been installed in the linear bearings. For the sealing felt, a support base is required.

Secure it with a snap ring and install it: see the figure below.

Note: The sealing felt can be mounted to the LM type (from LM6 to LM100).
For other models, only UU gaskets can be used.
Does the rated load change with the preload?

No, the rated load will not change due to changes in preload.

Properly setting the preload according to the intended use can achieve the following effects:

・Increased rigidity

・Having a positive impact on accuracy

What is the gap between the rail joints?

In general, as a guide rail, the gap running at the joint should not exceed 1/3 of the diameter of the steel ball used, and the  level of  difference should be reduced as much as possible.

Is there any problem with the slider getting out of the track?

In the case of a ball cage type product, the steel ball does not fall off even if the slider is removed. For other models, there are two cases: the ball remains fixed and the ball-free hold function. For products that have a ball-free retention function, the ball will fall off when the slider is removed, and can be solved with a false rail and a plug.

How much grease does the LM Guide need?

Generally speaking, the amount of grease added is recommended to be 30%-60% of the slider space volume. Due to different model specifications, please ask us about the amount of grease required.

Can the LM Guide be used outdoors?

First, we must have the necessary dust and corrosion protection measures. We recommend the use of highly corrosion resistant rails and KKHH dustproof fittings. It is also recommended to install C-CAP or thin steel strips on the rails.

The dust generated when the product is used will block the mounting hole. Is there any way to remove it?

It is possible that the foreign matter enters the slider after blocking the mounting hole. In this case, we recommend using C-CAP and installing an internal gasket on the slider. This can prevent the entry of foreign matter and the erosion of water. Thin steel strips can also be mounted on the rails. For some models, the bottom-up type can be installed so that there are no mounting holes on the upper surface of the rail.

How long is the lubrication cycle?

In general, all steel ball guides need to be replenished once every 100km. The lubrication cycle varies depending on the conditions of use such as the environment, the external environment, and temperature. The LM Guide with ball retention and QZ self-lubricating unit provides long-term maintenance from regular maintenance.

What methods can be used to reduce the resistance?

It can be reduced by reducing the LM rail seal resistance and rolling element resistance. The end seals (LL gaskets) of the rails all have a small sealing resistance. It is worth noting that the greater the preload of the guide rail, the greater the rolling resistance of the LM guide. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the radial clearance of the guide rail in detail. Low viscosity AFF greases are recommended.

What is the operating temperature range of the LM Guide and Ball Screw?

The LM Guide and Ball Screws operate from -20°C to +80°C. However, the high temperature rail M1 series has a maximum operating temperature of 150 °C.

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